International Multi-Simposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences 2006 (IMSCCS|06)

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The International Multi-Symposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences (IMSCCS|06)

June 20-24, Keji (Sci. & Tech.) Garden Hotel, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Welcome you to The First International Multi-Symposiums in Computer and Computational Sciences 2006 (IMSCCS|06), June 20-24, Hangzhou, China. IMSCCS|06 is an international event organized by IMSCCS conference organizers and IEEE CS. The conference is dedicated to celebrate the 60th anniversary of IEEE Computer Society. The conference has received generous supports from IEEE CS Press, IEEE local chapter in China, USA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Society (STEMES), The University of Iowa, Zhejing University, and Harbin Engineering University.
IMSCCS|06 is an international conference. It composes of multiple symposiums on computer and computational sciences. Each symposium focuses on a specific topic in one of the domains of computer science and computational sciences. The conference brings together the communities of research, developers, and practitioners, and users involved with computer and computational sciences. The conference provides a great opportunity for IT and/or CS professionals from different scientific disciplines to share their research experiences and methodologies, discuss challenge problems, and to initiate collaborative projects. The ultimate goal is to foster the collaborations between professionals in computer science or IT domains with the ones in multi-disciplinarians in sciences and engineering areas. Such conference will be annually held on a selected campus around the world.

IMSCCS|06 is the first one held in Hangzhou City, one of the most beautiful cities in China.
The conference organizers successfully solicited the following topics which cataloged into two major domains, computer science and computational sciences. One focuses on fundamental research and development in computer science, while the other one focuses on computations and applications in other scientific and engineering areas.

The papers presented at the symposiums contained the following research topcis.


Computer Science

High Performance Computing or Parallel Computing
Networks and Network Security
Distributed Systems and Data Communication
Software Development
Formal Methods and Programming Languages
Algorithms and Complexity Theory
CS and IT Education, Learning, and Teaching
Operating Systems
Databases and Data Management System
Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality
Computer System, Structure, and Architecture
System Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Automated Reasoning
Software and Software Engineering
Achieving and Retrieval
Machine Learning
Multimedia Systems
Wireless, Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Semantic Web, Web Search, and Web Standards and Specification
Grid Computing and Services Computing

Computational Science

Parallel Algorithms and Applications
Large-scale Computations and Simulations
Software Development in Computations
Large-scale Linear Algebra Equation Solver
Numerical Method and Analysis
Computations in Nanotechnology
Computational Chemistry
Data and Signal Processing
Image Processing
Geoscience and Geographic Information System
Remote Sensors and Networking
Computations in Bioinformatics, Biosciences
Computational Biology
Computations in Statistics
Modeling, Simulation, Visualization, Virtual Reality
Computations in Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering
Computations in Environmental Sciences
Computations in Public Health
Computations in Social Sciences, Humanity, and Education
Data Mining
Optimization and Operation Research
Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD)


It is a sign of high levels of interest and activity that most of the paper contributed expressed their interested in attend this conference for gain more collaboration chances and multidisciplinary materials. The contributions to the conference from researchers and developers from 10 countries or geographic regions including USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Korea. The papers are contributed from 120 universities, institutions, and organizations. There are more than 900 authors or co-authors involved.
The response to the conference’s call for paper has been excellent and we expect the attendance at the actual conference will be equally impressive. The conference has received 628 papers and each paper has been peer-reviewed by two or three members of program committee or special invited reviewers. Each program committee member and reviewers only review 5-10 papers in order to ensure the review quality. Due to this large load, we have ensured that each paper has received a minimum 2 reviewers before making final decision. Some papers with conflicting reviews have been reexamined. The papers found to be submitted to or accepted by the other conferences are rejected or recommend the authors withdrew. In consultation with members of the program and steering committees, we finally decided to accept 17 symposiums listed below. The symposiums contain 274 accepted and promising papers (among them 74 % are regular papers and 26% are short papers).

Symposium of Computations in Bioinformatics and Bioscience (SCBB|06)
Symposium of High Performance Computing Technology and Applications (HPCTA|06)
Symposium of Data, Signal, and Image Processing (DSIP|06)
Symposium of Distributed Systems and Data Distributions (DSDD|06)
Symposium of Networks and Network Security (NSNS|06) –I
Symposium of Networks, and Network (NSNS|06) -II
Symposium of Service Computing and Grid Computing (CGC|06)
Symposium of Computer Graphics, Version, and Visualization (CGVV|06)
Symposium of Wireless, Mobile, and Sensor Technology (WMST|06)
Symposium of Software and Software Engineering (SSE|06)
Symposium of Database Management and Information Systems (DMIS|06)
Symposium of Algorithms, Numerical Methods, Simulations, Computations (ANSC|06)
Symposium of Optimization and Artificial Intelligent and Neural Networks (OAIN|06)
Symposium of Computations and Simulations in Mechanical Engineering (CSME|06)
Symposium of Data Ming and Computations in Statistics (DMCS|06)
Symposium of Computer System, Structure, and Architecture (CSSA|06)
Symposium of Internet Computing and Language Semantics, etc (ICLS|06)

The IMSCCS|06 has one keynote speech, referred regular papers for oral presentation, and referred short papers for poster presentation. Both regular and short papers are included in this proceeding.


We would like to thank all authors for submitting their research papers for consideration. The success of the conference is fully due to the hard work of the program committee members and external reviewers. We sincerely thank them for donating their precious time and efforts for review papers and offering their expert comments.
We owe a debt for gratitude to all our contributors and sponsors. In particular, we thank Ms. Zhenge Huang for her handling many administrative tasks required for organizing and co-locating the conference at Zhejiang University. We thank Jessica Hua who helps us manage budget, integrate finances, and registration of the main conference. We thank Joe DeMaria for his persistent help and support in the preparation of the daily-based operations of the conference.
We thank Mr. Thomas Baldwin and Tim Fink, the mangers of IEEE Computer Society Press, USA, who enthusiastically support our conference. Thanks also go to Ms. Silvia Ceballos for her wonderful editorial service to this proceeding.

May 10, 2006
Dr. Jun Ni, General/Program Chair of IMSCCS|06
The University of Iowa, USA
Dr. Jack Dongarra, Co-general Chair of IMSCCS|06
The University of Tennessee, USA
Dr. Yao Zheng, Co-program Chair of IMSCCS|06
Zhejiang University, China
Dr. Guochang Gu, Co-program Chair of IMSCCS|06
Harbin Engineering University, China


STEM Education Society (STEMES), USA
The University of Iowa, USA
Zhejiang University, China
Harbin Engineering University, China

International Multi-Symposiums of Computer and Computational Sciences Conference (IMSCCS)
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