Wolfgang received his M.S. in Mathematics and Physics, University Aachen, Germany, 1972, and PhD, from University Darmstadt, Germany, 1974.

He is currently the coordinator of D-Grid, the German five-year grid initiative which aims at providing a persistent e-science infrastructure for the German academic and research community. He is also an area director of major grid projects at the GGF Steering Group. Last, but not least, he is a visiting scientist at RENCI Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC Chapel Hill. In this role, he is conducting a study on a next-generation IT infrastructure for the North Carolina higher education and research community.

Prior to his current roles, Wolfgang held positions with MCNC in North Carolina and Sun Microsystem. At MCNC, Gentzsch directed the organization's Grid strategy and technology development, including the development of one of the nations first statewide research and education grids. Prior to joining MCNC, he was senior director of Grid computing for Sun Microsystems, responsible for Suns Grid computing vision, strategy, and technology development. Gentzsch joined Sun in 2000 when it acquired GRIDWARE, a subsidiary of the distributed computing software company GENIAS Software that he founded in 1990.