IMSCCS06 Paper Repository

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Computations in Bioinformatics and Bioscience (SCBB|06)

Frequency Distribution of TATA Box and Extension Sequences on Human Promoters
Wei Shi and Wanlei Zhou
Paper092 and presentation

A Hopfield Neural Network Based Algorithm for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
Qi Liu, Xiuzi Ye, and Yin Zhang
Paper133 and presentation

Estimation of Cross-hybridization Signals Using Support Vector Regression
Yijun Sun, Li Liu, Mick Popp, and William Farmerie
Paper206 and presentation

Tiger HRE Finder -- A Tool for Identification of Hormone Receptor Binding Sites in Query Sequences
Maria Stepanova, Lin Feng, and Valerie C.-L. Lin
Paper243 and presentation

A Fast Parallel Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm Based on Pruning Rules
Wei Liu, Ling Chen, and Yixin Chen
Paper249 and presentation

Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Haplotype Frequencies in Trio Pedigrees
Qiangfeng Zhang, Yun Xu, Guoliang Chen, and Haoyang Che
Paper307 and presentation

Maximum Common Subgraph: Upper Bound and Lower Bound Results
Xiuzhen Huang and Jing Lai
Paper308 and presentation

FM-test: A Fuzzy Set Theory Based Approach for Discovering Diabetes Genes
Yi Lu,Shiyong Lu, Lily R. Liang, Deepak Kumar
Paper309 and presentation

Evaluation Models for the Effect of Sample Imbalance on Gene Selection
Kun Yang, Jianzhong Li, Chaokun Wang, and Hong Gao
Paper310 and presentation

Degenerated Primer Design to Amplify the Heavy Chain Variable Region from Immunoglobulin cDNA
Wang Ying, Chen Wei, Li Xu, and Cheng Bing
Paper311 and presentation

Seqoptics: Protein Sequence Clustering Method
Yonghui Chen, Kevin D. Reilly, Alan P. Sprague, and Zhijie Guan
Paper316 and presentation

The Relationship between Protein Sequences and their Gene Ontology Functions
Zhong-Hui Duan, Brent Hughes, Lothar Reichel, and Ting Shi
Paper319 and presentation

Towards a Better Solution to the Shortest Common Supersequence Problem: A Post Processing Approach
Kang Ning and Hon Wai Leong
Paper320 and presentation

EDIT: Easy-to-use Bio-Data Extraction, Integration and Refreshing Tools
Tianyun Ni, Stanley Su, and Lei Zhou
Paper321 and presentation

On Determination of Minimum Sample Size for Discovery of Temporal Gene Expression Pattern
Fang-Xiang Wu, W. J. Zhang, and Anthony J. Kusalik
Paper322 and presentation

A Compound Method of Protein Secondary Structure Prediction and Its Implementation
Hang Chen, Fei Gu, and Zhengge Huang
Paper343 and presentation

Parallel Multi-Category Support Vector Machines for Classifying Microdata
Chaoyang Zhang, Peng Li, Arun Rajendran, and Youping Deng
Paper346 and presentation

New Members Identified in Hydrophobin Family as potential polymer materials by Primary Structure Analysis
Kuan Yang, Chaoyang Zhang, Youping Deng, and Mohamed Elasri
Paper348 and presentation

Detecting Functional Modules from Protein Interaction Networks
Feng Luo and Richard H. Scheuermann
Paper352 and presentation

Combining Functional Information in Validation of Statistical Clustering
Susmita Data and Somnath Datta
Paper353 and presentation

GenomeBlast: A Web Tool for Small Genome Comparison
Guoqing Lu, Liying Jiang, Resa M. Kotalik, Thaine W. Rowley, Luwen Zhang, Xianfeng J. Chen, and Etsuko N. Moriyam
Paper354 and presentation

Clustering of Gene Expression Data: Performance and Similarity Analysis
Longde Yin and Chun-Hsi Huang
Paper355 and presentation

Particle Simulation Approach for Sub-cellular Dynamics and Interactions of Biological Molecule
R. Azuma, T. Kitagawa, H. Kobayashi, and A. Konagaya
Paper356 and presentation

Combining Comparative Genomics with de novo Motif Discovery to Identify Human Transcription Factor DNA-Binding Motifs
Linyong Mao and W. Jim Zheng
Paper357 and presentation

Comparison of Gene Expression Effects in Liver Tissue and Primary Epatocyte Cell Cultures after Exposure to Hexahydro-1,3,5-Trinitro-1,3,5-triazine
Edward J. Perkins, Wenjun Bao, Xin Guan, Choo-Yaw Ang, Russell D. Wolfinger, Tzu-Ming Chu, Ping Gong, Sharon A. Meyer, and Laura Inouye
Paper359 and presentation

Systematic Gene Function Prediction Using a Fuzzy Nearest-Cluster Method on Gene Expression Data
Xiao-Li Li, Yin-Chet Tan, and See-Kiong Ng
Paper360 and presentation

Phelogenetic Tree Construction using Self adaptive Ant Colony Algorithm
Ling Qin, Jianli Luo, Zhimin Chen, Jing Guo, Ling Chen, and Yi Pan
Paper370 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Data, Signal, and Image Processing (DSIP|06)

Symposium of Data, Signal, and Image Processing (DSIP|06)
River Change Detection Based on Remote Sensing Image and Vector
Lina Zhu, Jianqing Zhang, and Li Pa
paper004 and presentation

Fast and Blind Restoration Scheme for the Initial States of LFSRs
Xiangyang Luo, Ping Wang, Peizhong Lu and Fenlin Liu
Paper080 and presentation

Noisy Speech Enhancement Based on Discrete Sine Transform
Xueyao Li, Hua Xie, and Bailing Cheng
Paper083 and presentation

Speech Stream Detection in Short-wave Channel Based on Cepstral of Auditory Wavelet Packets
Liran Shen, Qingbo Yin, Xueyao Li, and Huiqiang Wang
Paper095 and presentation

Speech Enhancement Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform Theory
Xiaojie Zou, Xueyao Li, and Rubo Zhang
Paper117 and presentation

Point Set Surfaces Representations Based on Hierarchical Geometry Images
Guoliang Mo and Sanyuan Zhang
Paper145 and presentation

Research on a Denoising Method Based on Wavelet Packet Shrinkage for Pulp Thickness signals
Peng Jiang, Qingbo Huang, Yaguang Kong, and Chai Li
Paper153 and presentation

Novel Relevance Feedback Algorithm with Tabu-list in Image Retrieval
Decai Huang, Jia Hu, and Yuan Yuan
Paper169 and presentation

Face Recognition on Bionic Pattern
Kun He, Jiliu Zhou, Shuhua Xiong, and Junqiang Wu
Paper205 and presentation

Performance of Coherent Delay Lock Loop in the Presence of CW Interference and Additive Noise
Lei Shen, Fangni Chen, and Shiju Li
Paper296 and presentation

Quality Assessment of Peptide Tandem Mass Spectra
Fang-Xiang Wu, Pierre Gagné, Arnaud Droit, and Guy G. Poirier
Paper315 and presentation

Computer Analysis Method for Clinical CT Image
Weiguo Bian, Shaojie Tang,and Huazi Xu
Paper329 and presentation

Analysis of Performance Evaluation of Parallel Katsevich Algorithm for 3-D CT Image Reconstruction
Jun Ni, Junjun Deng, Hengyong Yu, Tao He, and Ge Wang
Paper331 and presentation

Simulation of Transmembrance Potential Propagation in Three-dimensional Bidomain Cardiac Tissue
Yin Zhou, Peter Jung, and Chaoyan Zhu
Paper345 and presentation

Local Feature Based Face Recognition
Mei Huang, Jiliu Zhou, Kun He, Shuhua Xiong, and Tao Li
Paper363 and presentation

Feature Analysis and De-noising of MRS Data Based on Pattern Recognition and Wavelet Transform
Guangbo Dong, Jian Ma, Guihai Xie, and Zengqi Sun
Paper002 and presentation

Human Gait Tracking Based on Linear Model Fitting
Zhihui Li and Fenggang Huang
Paper030 and presentation

A Vortex Signal Processing Method Based on Wavelet Neural Network
Liying Zheng and Kai Tian
Paper054 and presentation

Speech Detection Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform
Wu Wang, Xueyao Li, Rubo Zhang
Paper121 and presentation

A Multipurpose Image Watermarking Method Based on Adaptive Quantization of Wavelet Coefficients
Shuhua Xiong, Jiliu Zhou, Kun He, and Fangnian Lang
Paper142 and presentation

Research on Compression Method Based on Integer Wavelet Transform and SPIHT for Historical Data in Process Industry
Peng Jiang, Qingbo Huang, Yaguang Kong, and Chai Li
Paper154 and presentation

Color Matching in Color Remote Sensing image
Li Zheng, Jianqing Zhang, and Yuejun Luo
Paper173 and presentation

A Method of Debris Image Segmentation Based on SVM
Xianzhong Tian and Tongsen Hu
Paper216 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of High Performance Computing Technology and Applications (HPCTA|06)

Implementations of Grid-Based Distributed Parallel Computing
Weiwei Lin, Changgeng Guo, Deyu Qi, Yuehong Chen, and Zhang Zhili
Paper047 and presentation

A Lightweight Iterative Compilation Approach for Optimization Parameter Selection
Yonggang Che and Zhenghua Wang
Paper065 and presentation

PVM: A Memory Management under Vertical Architecture
Xinghui Zhu, Guang Lu, Fei Yu, Shuqiang Yang, and Miaoliang Zhu
Paper097 and presentation

Decease I/O Mean Response Time Using Software Pipelining
Ke Zhou
Paper113 and presentation

A Cyclic Force Decomposition Algorithm for Parallelizing Three-Body Interactions in Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Jianhui Li, Zhongwu Zhou, and R. J. Sadus
Paper125 and presentation

A New Persistence Framework for Parallel and Distributed Simulation
Haiquan Qiao, Rusheng Ju, Ge Li, and Kedi Huang
Paper134 and presentation

A New Particle Model for Prediction Coding of Lossless Data Compression
Dianxun Shuai, Liangjun Huang, and Qing Shuai
Paper182 and presentation

Parallelization of Similarity Search in Large Time Series Databases
Jonathan Qiao, Yang Ye, and Chaoyang Zhang
Paper184 and presentation

A Unified Addressing Schema for Hexagonal and Honeycomb Networks with Isomorphic Cayley Graphs
Mingxin He and Wenjun Xiao
Paper198 and presentation

Optimal All-to-All Personalized Communication in All-Port Tori
Gang Liu, Nai-jie Gu, Kai-xin Ren, and Yao-dong Tao
Paper203 and presentation

AM-Trie: An OC-192 Parallel Multidimensional Packet Classification Algorithm for Network Processor
Bo Zheng, Chuang Lin and Xuehai Peng
Paper245 and presentation

Job Scheduling for Campus-scale Global Computing with Machine Availability Constraints
Guangzhong Sun, Jiulong Shan, and Guoliang Chen
Paper262 and presentation

Analysis and Characterization of Intel Itanium Instruction Bundles for Improving VLIW Processor Performance
Jiangjiang Liu, Brian Bell, and Tan Truong
Paper276 and presentation

Performance Analysis of Workflow Model with Resource Constraints
Ping Sun, Junli Wang, Xiangmei Li, and Changjun Jiang
Paper279 and presentation

Explicitly Parallel Regular Expressions
Brett D. Estrade, A. Louise Perkins, and John M. Harris
Paper333 and presentation

A Parallel OSEM Algorithm for Medical Image Reconstruction on a Windows Cluster System
Tao He, Jun Ni, and Ge Wang
Paper336 and presentation

Deployment of One-Sided Communication Technique for Parallel Computing in Katsevich CT Image Reconstruction
Tao He, Jun Ni, Junjun Deng, Hengyong Yu, and Ge Wang
Paper337 and presentation

A Virtual Plant Ecosystem Featuring Parallel Computing and Distributed Visualization
Zhengge Huang, Yao Zheng, Lijun Xie, and Tingjun Yang
Paper339 and presentation

A General Framework for Parallel Planar Mesh Generation
Ligang Chen, Yi Liang, Jianjun Chen, and Yao Zheng
Paper342 and presentation

A Scalable Parallel Implementation of the HITS Algorithm for Page Ranking
Mathew Bennett, Julie Stone, and Chaoyang Zhang
Paper362 and presentation

A Parallel Multi-Class Classification Support Vector Machine Based on Sequential Minimal Optimization
Jing Yang, Xue Yang, and Jianpei Zhang
Paper019 and presentation

A Mapping Methodology for Space-Time Adaptive Processing in Heterogeneous Processors Environment
Yinbo Shao, Yongliang Wang, Qiang Li, and Xi-an Xiao
Paper283 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Distributed Systems and Data Distributions (DSDD|06)

Research on the Integration of GIS-Based Digital Valley System
Songxin Shi, Xiuzi Ye, Zhaoxia Dong, and Huamin Zhou
Paper026 and presentation

An Adaptive Agent-based Network for Distributed Component Repositories
Yunjiao Xue, Leqiu Qian, Ruzhi Xu1, Bin Tang, and Xin Peng
Paper027 and presentation

Research of Tooling Life-cycle Management System Supporting Networked Agile Manufacturing
Su’an Wang, Yadong Fang, Zhongbao Qin, and Laihong Du
Paper028 and presentation

CSP-based Study on Distributed PDM and Consistency Control Technique for Aero-Subcontract Production
Zhiqiang Jiang, Xilan Feng, and Zhongyan Hu
Paper035 and presentation

Membership Dependable Failure Detectors
Jingcheng Zhang, Jiaqiang Zhu, and Jihong Zhu
Paper058 and presentation

Toward Fault-tolerant Atomic Data Access in Mutable Distributed Hash Tables
Yi Jiang, Guangtao Xue, and Jinyuan You
Paper059 and presentation

A Virtual Rhomb Grid-Based Movement-Assisted Sensor Deployment Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Xueqing Wang, Yongtian Yang, and Zhonglin Zhang
Paper074 and presentation

A Hybrid Approach for Overlay Multicast
Qi Zhao, Yun He, and Jianzhong Zhang
Paper075 and presentation

Ontology Mapping Meta-model Based on Set & Relation Theory
Pengfei Qian and Shensheng Zhang
Paper081 and presentation

Two Post-Scheduling Optimization Algorithms for Distributed Real-Time Tasks Based on Scheduled Cluster Tree
Xiaofei Wang and Ming Fang
Paper124 and presentation

Reliable and Efficient Data Transfer Protocol Based on UDP in Cluster System
Jigang Wang, Guochang Gu, Shibo Xie, and Lifeng Xu
Paper139 and presentation

Study on Distributed Spatial Analysis Service
Xia Zhang, Deren Li, Xinyan Zhu, and Zhanwu Yu
Paper207 and presentation

A Novel Open Real-time Environment for Distributed Systems
Pengliu Tan, Hai Jin, and Minghu Zhang
Paper218 and presentation

Resource Merging and Synchronization in FTPGrid
Nan Du, Liutong Xu, Xiangang Zhao, Congyun Zhao, and Bai Wang
Paper238 and presentation

Minimum Diameter Application Layer Multicast Tree Algorithm
Yanhua Wu, Yunze Cai, Jinjie Huang, and Xiaoming Xu
Paper302 and presentation

Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Approach for Information Sharing Using JXTA
Hao Shi, Yanchun Zhang, Jingyuan Zhang, Elizabeth Beal, and Nick Moustaka
Paper332 and presentation

Towards Merging Pervasive Computing into Grid - Lightweight Portal, Dynamic Collaborating and Semantic Supporting
Wei Shi, Shanping Li, and Xin Lin
Paper024 and presentation

An Apparatus Realizing Switch of Computing Device Status
Ling Wang, Tong Shao, Shumei Wang, and Gongxuan Zhang
Paper086 and presentation

Simulation of Customers-flow Model Based-on Elevators Group Control Technique
Pingli Wang, Gongxuan Zhang, and Ling Wang
Paper088 and presentation

Research on Triple-Modular Redundancy Dynamic Fault-Tolerant System Model
Zhe Zhang, Da-Xin Liu, Zheng-Xian Wei, and Chang-Song Sun
Paper211 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Service Computing and Grid Computing (SCGC|06)

A UDDI-based Two-Level Information Management System for Equipment Grid
Jiguang Liu, Jianjun Jiang, and Binbin Zhang
Paper096 and presentation

Improving Grid Scheduling of Pipelined Data Processing by Combining Heuristic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing
Qinjiang Wang and Lin Zhang
Paper114 and presentation

Auto Generation Algorithm for Meta Process Using Markov Decision Process
Qi Sui and Hai-yang Wang
Paper135 and presentation

A Novel Web Service Catalog System Supporting Distributed Service Publication and Discovery
Shou-jian Yu, Qin Zhu, Xiao-ling Xia, and Jia-jin Le
Paper172 and presentation

A Proactive Service Request Broker for PC-based Grid Computing
Zhi Wang, Qi Chen, and Chuanshan Gao
Paper174 and presentation

TGrid: A New Grid Environment
Deyu Qi and Weiwei Lin
Paper187 and presentation

Grid System Integrated with Trusted Computing Platform
Zhidong Shen, Fei Yan, Weizhong Qiang, Xiaoping Wu, and Huanguo Zhang
Paper194 and presentation

Group Key Management in Grid Environment
Zhidong Shen, Xiaoping Wu, Yuhua Wang, Wenling Peng, and Huanguo Zhang
Paper195 and presentation

CCM: A Cooperative Computation Model of Services
Zhang Xiuguo and Zhang Yingjun
Paper220 and presentation

A New Scheduling Algorithm for Servers
Nianmin Yao, Wenbin Yao, Shaobin Cai, and Jun Ni
Paper236 and presentation

OD: A General Resource Scheduling Algorithm for Computational Grid
Tao Wang, Xingshe Zhou, Qiurang Liu, Zhiyi Yang, and Zhaoqing Yang
Paper239 and presentation

A Business Modeling Tools for Complex Enterprise Application Systems
Jin Li, Dechen Zhan, and Zhongjie Wang
Paper274 and presentation

A Fast Transparent Failover Scheme for Service Availability
Wang Jigang, Guochang Gu, Shibo Xie, and Lifeng Xu
Paper292 and presentation

An Interrupt Mechanism in Grid
Jianjun Jiang, Jiguang Liu, and Yun Yao
Paper301 and presentation

A New Way of Solving Multiple Constrained QoS Multi-routing Problems
Ling Qin, Yixin Chen, Jianli Luo, Jing Guo, and Ling Chen
Paper305 and presentation

Multi-Agent Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning by Integrating Options into MAXQ
Jing Shen, Guochang Gu, and Haibo Liu
Paper326 and presentation

Proxy-Based Parallel Visualization in a Grid Environment with PC-Clusters
Zhengge Huang, Guanghua Song, and Yao Zheng
Paper340 and presentation

A Development Framework for Collaborative Applications Based on the Access Grid
Yingjie Xia, Yao Zheng, Xuqing Zhu, and Chuihao Kong
Paper344 and presentation

An Approach of Service Tailoring Based-on Parameterized Contracts
Yukui Fei
Paper012 and presentation

An Evaluation Model for Web Service
Tao Han, He-qing Guo, Dong Li, and Ying Gao
Paper052 and presentation

Application MDA in a Conception Design Environment
Wuzheng Tan1, Lizhuang Ma1, Jun Li1, and Zuxiu Xiao2
Paper078 and presentation

Hill Climbing-Based De-Centralized Job Scheduling on Computational Grids
Qingjiang Wang, Yun Gao, and Peishun Liu
Paper156 and presentation

Research on Novel Dynamic Resource Management and Job Scheduling in Grid Computing
Fufang Li, Deyu Qi, Limin Zhang, Xianguang Zhang, and Zhili Zhang
Paper272 and presentation

Intelligent Decision Making for Agreement-based Grid Resource Management
Rui Liu, Weimin Zheng and Yongwei Wu
Paper275 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Computer Graphics, Version, and Visualization (CGVV|06)

Reconstruction of Surfaces of Revolution
Shunyi Zheng and Ling Yang
Paper020 and presentation

Region of Interest Fragile Watermarking for Image Authentication
Yiping Chu, Yin Zhang, Sanyuan Zhang and Xiuzi Ye
Paper021 and presentation

Modeling Organization of Multi-Agent System with Command Mechanism
Yibing Song and Yongtian Yang
Paper049 and presentation

CoarseZ Buffer Bandwidth Model in 3D Rendering Pipeline
Ke Yang, Ke Gao, Jiaoying Shi, Xiaohong Jiang, and Hua Xiong
Paper062 and presentation

JAS --An E-Learning Tool for Building Multimedia Presentations
Xiaoye Dai, Sabin Tabirca, and Eamon Lenihan
Paper109 and presentation

An Integrated Photogrammetric System with Metric Digital Camera and Total Station
Zongqian Zhan, Zuxun Zhang, and Jianqing Zhang
Paper119 and presentation

Seamless Registration of Multiple Range Images with Whole BlockAdjustment
Ruifang Zhai, Jianqing Zhang, and Shunyi Zheng
Paper143 and presentation

ODSG: An Architecture of Ontology-based Distributed Simulation on Grid
Yiyou Dong, Jianhua Yang, and Zhaohui Wu
Paper180 and presentation

Structural Pattern Analysis for Texture Synthesis
Yizhe Li, Guoliang Chen, and Qilong Zheng
Paper201 and presentation

High Quality Point-based Modeling of Large 3D Object
Haishan Tian, and Yuanjun He
Paper263 and presentation

Ontology Construction for Scientific Visualization
Lijun Xie, Yao Zheng, and Bin Shen
Paper341 and presentation

Modeling Dynamic Feedforward Neural Networks with VHDL
Xi Chen, Gaofeng Wang, Wei Zhou, Jiangfeng Xu, and Qinglin Zhang
Paper064 and presentation

Applying Virtual Reality to Web-based Education
Han Xue and Jing Zhang
Paper084 and presentation

Real-time Visualization based on Deformed X-ray Fluoroscopy
Wenqiang Zhang, Xuemei Huang, and Liming Zhang
Paper090 and presentation

Fast Measurement of human face and Disposal of Measured Points
Jian Li, Minghe Li, Ying Zheng, and Jianwen Wang
Paper226 and presentation

Efficient Frame Rate Control Algorithm and Its Implementation
Haibin Shen and Junfeng Fan
Paper256 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Networks and Network Security (NSNS|06) -I

A Bio-inspired Multidimensional Network Security Model
Huiqiang Wang, Ruijuan Zheng, Xueyao Li and Daxin Liu
Paper006 and presentation

Cryptanalysis and Improvement on An ID-Based Key Issuing Protocol
Licheng Wang, Zhenfu Cao, Feng Cao, and Haifeng Qian
Paper017 and presentation

An Improvement of an Identity-Based Key Issuing Protocol
Feng Cao, Zhenfu Cao, Licheng Wang
Paper025 and presentation

The Real-time Judging System of Figure Skating Based-on WLAN
Jijuan Wu, Long Liu, Jibao Lai, and Jun Yao
Paper068 and presentation

Research of Mobile IPv6 Application Based On Diameter Protocol
Da Wei, Yanheng Liu, Xuegang Yu, and Xiaodong Li
Paper077 and presentation

A Novel Quantitative Analysis Method for Network Survivability
Guosheng Zhao, Huiqiang Wang, Jian Wang
Paper087 and presentation

A Secure Byzantine Fault Tolerant LDAP System
Xiuqun Wang, Hongun Hou, and Yueting Zhuang
Paper106 and presentation

Designated Verifier Proxy Signature Scheme from Bilinear Pairings
Rongxing Lu, Zhenfu Cao, Xiaolei Dong, and Renwang Su
Paper132 and presentation

A Proxy-protected Signature Scheme Based on Finite Automaton
Feng Cao and Zhenfu Cao
Paper152 and presentation

A Novel Model for Detecting Application Layer DDoS Attacks
Yi Xie and Shun-Zheng Yu
Paper157 and presentation

Resource Efficient Hardware Design for RSA
Shuhua Wu, Yuefei Zhu, and Qiong Pu
Paper158 and presentation

A Secure Hierarchical Fragile Watermarking Method with Tamper Localization
Xianhai Zhang, Yongtian Yang, and Yan Zhu
Paper159 and presentation

MPoolODMRP: An Extended PoolODMRP Based on Multi-path Policy
Shaobin Cai, Wenbin Yao, Nianmin Yao, and Guochang Gu
Paper246 and presentation

An Efficient ID-Based Multi-proxy Multi-signature Scheme
Sheng Guo, Zhenfu Cao, and Rongxing Lu
Paper260 and presentation

Group Oriented Deniable Authentication Protocol
Rongxing Lu, Zhenfu Cao, Xiaolei Dong, and Renwang Su
Paper031 and presentation

A Security Grid Portal Using PKI and Online Proxy Certificate Repository
Jie Jiang, Deren Chen, Tim Chen, and Xiaodong Shen
Paper046 and presentation

ERAS an Emergency Response Algorithm for Survivability of Critical Services
Jian Wang, Huiqiang Wang, and Guosheng Zhao
Paper067 and presentation

An Algorithm of Topology Discovery in Large Multi-Subnet Physical Networks
Kaihua Xu, Jiwei Cao, Yuhua Liu, and Shaohua Tao
Paper161 and presentation

An Identification System Combined with Fingerprint and Cryptography
Li Hao and Peishun Liu
Paper185 and presentation

Two-Pass ID-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol with Key Confirmation Using Pairings
Shengbao Wang, Zhenfu Cao, and Haiyong Bao
Paper197 and presentation

Cryptanalysis of Chang-Lin-Lam's ID-based Multisignature Scheme
Haifeng Qian, Zhenfu Cao, Lichen Wang, and Sheng Guo
Paper244 and presentation

Cryptanalysis on a Proxy Multi-signature Scheme
Feng Cao and Zhenfu Cao
Paper248 and presentation

An Agent-Oriented Network Worm Defense System Based on Optimized Path
Ye Guo and Miaoliang Zhu
Paper261 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Networks and Network Security (NSNS|06) -II

Research and Implementation of Zero-Copy Technology Based on Device Driver in Linux
Hongfeng Zhu, Tianhua Liu, Chuansheng Zhou, and Guiran Chang
Paper061 and presentation

Efficient ID-based Proxy Chameleon Signature from Bilinear Pairings
Miaomiao Zhang, Gongliang Chen, and Jianhua Li
Paper069 and presentation

Worm Intrusion Alarm Modeling Based on Network Traffic Character
Lu Guang, Yu Fei, Guangxue Yue, and Miaoliang Zhu
Paper099 and presentation

Efficient ID-based Broadcast Threshold Decryption in Ad hoc Network
Zhenchuan Chai, Zhenfu Cao, and Yuan Zhou
Paper115 and presentation

Clustering of Network Link Characteristic for Detector Placement of Macroscopically Pre-warning
Hui He, Mingzeng Hu, and Hongli Zhang
Paper122 and presentation

A New Method of TOE Architecture Based on the ML403 Development Board in Linux
Tianhua Liu, Hongfeng Zhu, Chuansheng Zhou, and Guiran Chang
Paper141 and presentation

A Structured P2P System with Match Path and Probability Balance Tree
L. B. Xu, G. X. Wu, and F. Q. You
Paper146 and presentation

An Integer Wavelet Based Multiple Logo-watermarking Scheme
Yuan Yuan, Decai Huang, and Duanyang Liu
Paper166 and presentation

Efficient Split Scheduling Scheme for Traffic Balancing on Multi-Link Networks
Yong Qin, and Chenggui Zhao
Paper177 and presentation

Adaptive Prefix Query (APQ) For Route Table Finding In Overnet
Yong-xiang Zhao and Chang-jia Chen
Paper178 and presentation

An Innovation Three Color Marker in DiffServ Networks
Junrui Hao and Shaohua Yu
Paper190 and presentation

State-of-Art Techniques for Object Caching over the Internet
Keqiu Li, Takashi Nanya, Bo Jiang, and Wenyu Qu
Paper241 and presentation

A Computer Immune System: LAN Immune System Model based on Host (LISMH)
Ruijuan Zheng and Huiqiang Wang
Paper033 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Algorithms, Numerical Methods, Simulations, Computations (SANSC|06)

Parameters Optimization and Simulation of Transducer Based on Finite Element Method in Electrical Capacitance Tomography System
Deyun Chen, Mouzun Li, and Lili Wang
Paper007 and presentation

A Diversity Guaranteed Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Immune Strategy
Ling Qin, Yixin Chen, Jianli Luo, Ling Chen, and Jing Guo
Paper176 and presentation

A Novel FCM’s Initial Parameters Acquisition Method
Ping Kuang, Pei-su Xiang, and Leiting Chen
Paper209 and presentation

A Dynamic Stochastic Heuristical Algorithm for Flexible Workload Management
Xudong Chen, Qingxin Zhu, Yong Liao, and Ping Kuang
Paper210 and presentation

Distance Ratio Fractal for Complex Mapping z<-z?
Xizhe Zhang, Tianyang Lv, Shaobin Huang, and Zhengxuan Wang
Paper221 and presentation

Constructions of Euclidean Geometry LDPC Codes and Performance Analysis in MIMO-OFDM System
Fangni Chen, Lei Shen, and Shiju Li
Paper259 and presentation

A New Computing Model for C-Like Hardware Description Languages
Jimin Wang, Lingdi Ping, Jiebing Wang, and Kang Sun
Paper287 and presentation

Research of Transmission and Control of Real-time MPEG-4Video Streaming for Multi-channel Over Wireless QoS Mechanism
Jianghua Li and Longwen Li
Paper323 and presentation

Application of Optimal Search Theory in the Detection of Water Pollution Accident Source
Ying Liu, Dan Liu, Fan Zhang, and Qingxin Zhu
Paper071 and presentation

Emission Image Reconstruction Based on Incremental Optimization Transfer Algorithm
Jianhua Yan and Jun Yu
Paper089 and presentation

Complex Data Flow Matching Algorithm Based on TDG
Guangshun Li, Guangsheng Ma, and Donghai Li
Paper111 and presentation

Sharing Methods of Multi-objective Function Based on TED
Junhua Wu, Guangsheng Ma, and Guangshun Li
Paper179 and presentation

Mesh Generation from 3D Scattered Data in ACL Surgical Navigation System
Xuemei Huang and Wenqiang Zhang
Paper227 and presentation

Combining Couvreur’s algorithm with Bitstate-Hashing for Emptiness Check
Yige Li, Kanglin Xie, and Tao Hao
Paper277 and presentation

A New Multiple Classifiers Combination Algorithm
Jianpei Zhang, Lili Cheng, and Jun Ma
Paper325 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Networks (OAIN|06)

Mean-Variance-Skewness-Kurtosis-based Portfolio Optimization
Kin Keung Lai, Lean Yu, and Shouyang Wang
Paper009 and presentation

Optimized Design of Interconnected Bus on Chip for Low Power
Donghai Li, Guangsheng Ma, and Gang Feng
Paper112 and presentation

Application of SCE-UA to Optimize the Management Model of Groundwater Resources in Deep Aquifers of the Yangtze Delta
Xiaobin Zhu, Jichun Wu, and Jianfeng Wu
Paper167 and presentation

A Vertical Handover Decision Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Control Theory
Hongwei Liao, Ling Tie, and Zhao Du
Paper186 and presentation

Collaborative Planning in Supply Chains by Lagrangian Relaxation
Lanshun Nie, Xiaofei Xu, and Dechen Zhan
Paper232 and presentation

Problem-Solving in Multi-Agent Systems: A Novel Generalized Particle Model
Dianxun Shuai, Qing Shuai, Yuming Dong, and Liangjun Huang
Paper284 and presentation

An Execution Prototype of Mobile Agent-Based Peer-to-Peer Systems
Wenyu Qu, Masaru Kitsuregawa, Keqiu Li, and Hong Shen
Paper304 and presentation

Fault Diagnosis of AUV Based on Bayesian Networks
Changting Shi, Rubo Zhang, and Ge Yang
Paper042 and presentation

A Lower Bound for the Chaotic Control Parameter of Wang- Smith’s CSA
Liying Zheng and Kai Tian
Paper053 and presentation

Dynamic Analysis and Application of QANN
Rigui Zhou, Liang Zhou, Nan Jiang, and Qiulin Ding
Paper171 and presentation

An Optimal Non-adaptive Search Plan for 3D models Retrieval
Bo Peng and Qingxin Zhu
Paper208 and presentation

Design of Modular Multiplier Based on Improved Montgomery Algorithm and Systolic Array
Gang Feng
Paper297 and presentation

Underwater Image Segmentation with Maximum Entropy Based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
Jing Liu
Paper300 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Software and Software Engineering (SSSE|06)

An Ontology-based Approach for Domain Requirements Elicitation and Analysis
Yuqin Lee and Wenyun Zhao
Paper008 and presentation

Windows DNA-based Study on the Integrated Application of Manufacturing Information System
Xilan Feng, Zhiqiang Jiang, Jinfa Shi, and Xuewen Zong
Paper036 and presentation

A Feature Oriented Approach to Managing Domain Requirements Dependencies in Software Product Lines
Yuqin Lee and Wenyun Zhao
Paper072 and presentation

Uniform Service Description with Semantics for Search and Composition
Xiaoqin Xie and Kaiyun Chen
Paper118 and presentation

Research on CMMI-based Software Process Metrics
Ruzhi Xu, Yunjiao Xue, Peiyao Nie, Yuan Zhang, and Desheng Li
Paper130 and presentation

A Component Management System for Mass Customization
Yiyuan Li, Jianwei Yin, and Jinxiang Dong
Paper192 and presentation

AUV Modeling and Analysis using a Colored Object-Oriented Petri Net
Xiaoning Feng, Qun Liu, and Zhuo,Wang
Paper199 and presentation

The Extension of the Unit Testing Tool Junit for Special Testings
Liangliang Kong and Zhaolin Yin
Paper212 and presentation

Embedded Software Standardization and Reengineering in Practice
Xiaoli Zhi and Weiqin Tong
Paper213 and presentation

A Configuration Management Supporting System Based on CMMI
Fei Wang, Aihua Ren
Paper104 and presentation

Primary Research on Internetware Reliability Technology
Ping Wang, Changsong Sun, and Lijie Li
Paper107 and presentation

Software Plans Learning and Recognition Based on Sequence Learning and NARX memory Model of Neural Network
Qinming He, Jianfei Qian, Hua Chen, and Fangzhong Qi
Paper131 and presentation

A Description Model to Support Experience Management
Xiong Xie, Weishi Zhang, and Lei Xu
Paper137 and presentation

Development of a Sheet Metal Part Stock Layout System Based on OPENCASCADE Platform
Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Lina Yang, Yanli Yang, Yu Bai, Dawei Zhang, and Rujia Zhao
Paper219 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Internet Computing and Language Semantics, etc (ICLS|06)

Semantic Approach for e-learning System
Wenying Guo and Deren Chen
Paper005 and presentation

Reverse Engineering XML
Weidong Yang, Ning Gu, and Baile Shi
Paper091 and presentation

New Generation of E-Learning Technologies
Dan Yu , Weiping Zhang , and Xinmeng Chen
Paper193 and presentation

Optimal Selection of Web Services with End-to-end Constraints
Yan Gao, Bin Zhang, Jun Na, Lei Yang, Yu Dai, and Qiang Gong
Paper258 and presentation

A Study of Chinese Web Characteristics and Their Implications on Web Search
Kin Fun Li, Louis Yu, and Weibin Liao
Paper268 and presentation

Using Categorization to Further Enhance the Utilization of Semantic Web in UDDI
Xiaojie Dong, Weiqin Tong, and Jin Feng
Paper338 and presentation

Dynamic Behavior Specification of Web Component Based on Logic Programming
Yukui Fei
Paper013 and presentation

A SVR-based Fuzzy System
Xianzhong Tian and Tongsen Hu
Paper101 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Database Management and Information Systems (DMIS|06)

Extending Tree Automata to Obtain Consistent Query Answer from Inconsistent XML Document
Zijing Tan, Wei Wang, and Baile Shi,
Paper043 and presentation

A New Position Updating Algorithm for Moving Objects
Xinying Wang, Shengsheng Wang, Zhengxuan Wang, Tianyang Lv, and Xizhe Zhang
Paper044 and presentation

Indexing of Constrained Moving Objects for Current and Near Future Positions in GIS
Jing Guo, Wei Guo, and Dongru Zhou
Paper093 and presentation

A Privacy Policy of P3P Based on Relational Database
Bin Jiang, Da-fang Zhang, Chao Yang, Guangxue Yue, and Fei Yu
Paper098 and presentation

Generating Incremental ETL Processes Automatically
Xufeng Zhang, Weiwei Sun, Wei Wang, Yahui Feng and Baile Shi
Paper110 and presentation

Appling Association Rule to Web Prediction
Zhili Zhang, Lei Shi, Shen Guo,Deyu Qi, and Fufang Li
Paper126 and presentation

Mapping Relational Schemas to XML DTDs with Constraints
Teng Lv and Ping Yan
Paper150 and presentation

Analysis on the Drawbacks of the Commonly Used Measures of the Significance of Attributes in Decision-Table & a New Measure
Decai Huang and Lingli Wang
Paper170 and presentation

Spatio-temporal Pattern Query Processing based on Effective Trajectory Splitting Models in Moving Object Database
Wenjie Zhang, Jianzhong Li, and Wei Zhang
Paper237 and presentation

A Rapid Development Environment for Synthesizing Guideline-Based Decision Support Systems
Kung Chen, Chung-Hsin Chen, Shin-Yuan Chang, Chiehfen Chen, and Yu-Chuan Li
Paper250 and presentation

Querying about the Near Future Positions of Moving Objects
Jing Guo, Wei Guo, and Dongru Zhou
Paper280 and presentation

A Robust Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm and its Application in 3D Model Retrieval
Tian-yang Lv, Shaobin Huang, Zheng-xuan Wang, and Wan-li Zuo
Paper328 and presentation

Research on Methodology of Fuzzy Retrieve Based on Soft Computing
Yangu Zhang, Min Yao, and Bin Shen
Paper015 and presentation

Particle Swarm Algorithm for Minimal Attribute Reduction of Decision Data Tables
Jianhua Dai, Weidong Chen, Hongying Gu, and Yunhe Pan
Paper070 and presentation

The Research and Application of the Web Map Issuing Technology
Tao Wu and Lifan Fei
Paper191 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Wireless, Mobile, and Sensor Technology (WMST|06)

A Data Fusion Approach for Power Saving in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bing Liang and Qun Liu
Paper041 and presentation

A Viable Localization Scheme for Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
Xun Chen, Peng Han1, Qiusheng He, and Shiliang Tu
Paper079 and presentation

Implementation of P2P Computing in Design of MANET Routing Protocol
Zupeng Li, Xiaochuan Yin, Peiyang Yao, Jinnan Huang
Paper085 and presentation

Implementing a SIP-based Device Communication Middleware for OSGi Framework with Extension to Wireless Networks
Guiran Chang, Chuan Zhu, Matthew Y. Ma, Weiguo Zhu, and Jingbo Zhu
Paper103 and presentation

Wireless Intrusion Detection Method Based on Dynamic Growing Neural Network
Yanheng Liu, Daxin Tian, and Bin Li
Paper123 and presentation

Minimal Hop Count Path Routing Algorithm for Mobile Sensor Networks
Jae-Young Choi, Jun-Hui Lee, and Yeong-Jee Chung
Paper127 and presentation

Self-Organization Routing Protocol Supporting Mobile Nodes for Wireless Sensor Network
Do-Seong Kim and Yeong-Jee Chung
Paper128 and presentation

Coordination Mechanism in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks
Haidong Yuan, Huadong Ma, and Hongyu Liao
Paper140 and presentation

WITS: A Wireless Sensor Network for Intelligent Transportation System
Wen-jie Chen, Li-feng Chen, Zhang-long Chen, and Shi-liang Tu
Paper230 and presentation

Markov-based Analytical Model for TCP Unfairness over Wireless Mesh Networks
Lei Zhang, Shoubao Yang, Weifeng Sun, and Dapeng Wang
Paper271 and presentation

The Architecture and Interlayer Adaptation of Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks
Song Han and Guochang Gu
Paper327 and presentation

Power-Efficient Routing Mechanism in Sensor Networks based on Node-Density
Qing Gao, Shanping Li, and Wei Shi
Paper040 and presentation

A Brief Review on Application of Mobile Computing in Construction
Wanhong Zou, Xiuzi Ye, Wei Peng, and Zhiyang Chen
Paper055 and presentation

An Improved Route Repair Approach of Wireless Sensor Networks
Yuhua Liu, Haiyan Zhu, Kaihua Xu and Wei Teng
Paper162 and presentation

Research of Sentence-Level Intelligent Input Method Based on Symbian OS
Jianguo Sun, Bingquan Liu, and Xuan Wang
Paper234 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Data Ming and Computations in Statistics (DMCS|06)

Performance Optimization of Checkpointing Schemes with Task Duplication
Zhongwen Li, Yang Xiang, and Hong Chen
Paper060 and presentation

Historical Temporal Difference Learning: Some Initial Results
Hengshuai Yao, Diao Dongcui, and Zengqi Sun
Paper094 and presentation

Bayesian Image Segmentation and the Data Preprocessing Method using Fuzzy C-mean Clustering
Li Pan and Hong Zheng
Paper138 and presentation

On The Even-Out Effect of Probabilistic Sampling
Ziqian Liu and Changjia Chen
Paper144 and presentation

A Genetic Algorithm with Dual-Structure Code and Adaptive Strategy for Link Enhancement Problem
Yuhua Liu, Wei Teng, Kaihua Xu, and Haiyan Zhu
Paper163 and presentation

A Dynamic Capacity Assignment Approach for EJB Instances Pools
Bao-wen Zhang, Jian-hua Li, and Jin-yuan You
Paper233 and presentation

Identification of GPI-(like)-anchored Proteins by using SVM
Wei Cao and Kentaro Shimizu
Paper254 and presentation

Self-Organizing Data Clustering Based on Quantum Entanglement Model
Dianxun Shuai, Yuzhe Liu, Qing Shuai, Liangjun Huang, and Yuming Dong
Paper285 and presentation

A Novel Stochastic Generalized Cellular Automata for Self-Organizing Data Clustering
Dianxun Shuai, Qing Shuai, Liangjun Huang, Yuzhe Liu, and Yuming Dong
Paper286 and presentation

A Novel Mining Approach for Schemas in XML Documents
Tong Wang, Daxin Liu, and Wei Sun
Paper023 and presentation

An Improved Cascade SVM Training Algorithm with Crossed Feedbacks
Yang Jing
Paper029 and presentation

Temporal Association Rules in Mining Method
Hui Ning, Haifeng Yuan, and Shugang Chen
Paper063 and presentation

Weighted Ordinal Support Vector Clustering
Guangli Liu, Yongshun Wu, and Lu Yang
Paper082 and presentation

A Privacy-preserving Mining Algorithm of Association Rules in Distributed Databases
Jie Liu, Xiufeng Piao, and Shaobin Huang
Paper108 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Computer System, Structure, and Architecture (CSSA|06)

Design of a Novel Asynchronous Reconfigurable Architecture for Cryptographic Applications
Kang Sun, Xuezeng Pan, Jiebing Wang, and Jimin Wang
Paper050 and presentation

Design of Smart Phone-oriented Embedded Real-time Operating System
Jigang Wang, Guochang Gu, Xie Shibo, and Lifeng Xu
Paper120 and presentation

System Prototyping Based on SystemC Transaction-Level Modeling
Liang Liang, Bo Zhou, Xue-Gong Zhou, Cheng-Lian Peng
Paper160 and presentation

Study and Comparison of the RTHAL-based and ADEOS-Based RTAI Real-time Solutions for Linux
Guoyin Zhang, Luyuan Chen, and Aihong Yao
Paper188 and presentation

An Advanced Timing Characterization Method Considering Global False Path
Xiaoxiao Liu, Guangsheng Ma, and Qiang Sun
Paper066 and presentation

Knowledge and Process Based Decision Support in Business Intelligence System
Luan Ou and Hong Peng
Paper200 and presentation

A Verification Environment for CMP Architecture Design
Wenbin Yao, Nianmin Yao, Shaobin Cai, and Jun Ni
Paper235 and presentation

IMSCCS06 -- Symposium of Computations and Simulations in Mechanical Engineering (CSME|06)

CGNS Data Format Used for A 2D 3D Finite Volume Unstructured Grid Flow Solver
Guodong Lei, Gongmin Liu, Pingjian Ming, Wenping Zhang, and Minggang Zhu
Paper270 and presentation

A Cellular Automaton Technique for the Modeling of Solidification Microstructure in Multi-Component Alloys
Daming Li, Ruo Li, and Pingwen Zhang
Paper273 and presentation

Numerical Simulation for the Transport Phenomena in Melting Processes of Blade-Like Castings Using a Continuum Model
Yunfeng Bai, Daming Xu, Weisheng Bi, Jingjie Guo, and Hengzhi Fu
Paper334 and presentation

A Numerical Approach of Direct-SIMPLE deduced Pressure Equations to Simulations of Transport Phenomena during Shaped Casting
Daming Xu and Jun Ni
Paper335 and presentation