IMSCCS|06 uses a single registration system. Its symposiums share one common registration, which entitles you to attend all symposiums and their programs, including keynote talk, technical paper sessions, poster sessions, academic and industry exhibitions, panel sessions, tutorials and seminars. Also included in your registration fee are daily morning and afternoon refreshments, one conference banquet, lunches, and dinners, and one copy of conference proceedings.

There are two kinds of registrations: author registration and attendee registration, respectively. One is for the authors and the other is for people who would like to attend the conference but do not have papers. The first one is called author registration, while the second one is called attendee registration. In other words, if you are a correspondence author, register as "author registration." If you are not an author but you would like to attend the conference, you need to register as ¡°attendee registration." If you are one of the authors, but not a responding author (i.e., you are not responsible for paper publication), you need to register as "attendee registration." Each paper requires at least one author registration.

IMSCCS|06 will publish four volumes of proceedings this year: two for fundamental research and development in computer science, and another two for application-oriented topics in computer science and computational science. All four volumes are published by IEEE/Computer Society Press. There is an option on the registration form which allows for the purchase of extra copies of conference proceedings at an additional charge.

Hotel reservation information is listed at the conference Web site ( for your reference. IMSCCS|06 will not be responsible for the hotel registration. Accommodation costs will be paid to the hotel directly by the guests.

Since this is an annually¨Cbased international conference, all registration fees will be in USA dollars to the conference preferred bank. The bank transfer information is provided below. There are two methods of registration: attendant registration and author registration. Both need to pay the same amount of registration. In order words, each attendee must pay his/her registration fee, no matter if he/she has a paper or not. Note that one registration must be paid for each paper being published, even he or she can not attend the conference. That is, in case one person has more than one paper accepted by IMSCCS|06 (in any of its symposiums), one registration is needed for each paper. There is no difference between students and non-students when paying for author registration or attendee registration.

The author registration is closed. The attendee registration continues. The detailed information about the registration cna be found in the following lickable files.

Attendee Registration Form in USA $: (Word file, PDF file); Registration Form in RMB: (new form Word file, PDF)

We appreciate your cooperation!

Program Committee of IMSCCS06

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