We welcome you to attend The Second International Multi-Symposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences 2007 (IMSCCS|07), August 13-15, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA.. IMSCCS|07 is an international event organized by the IMSCCS conference organizers. It is composed of multiple symposiums on computer and computational sciences. Each symposium focuses on a specific topic in one of the domains of computer or computational sciences. The conference provides a great opportunity for academic professionals from different scientific disciplines to share their research experiences and methodologies, discuss challenges and problems, and to initiate collaborative projects. The ultimate goal is to foster collaboration between computer professionals with scientists and engineers. The conference will be annually held on a selected campus around the world. IMSCCS|07 is the second conference to be held in the beautiful college town, Iowa City, Iowa, USA..

We welcome you to submit and present your paper(s), present your research results, demonstrate your achievements, and search for future collaborations.

Dr. Ed Seidel, General Chair
Dr. Jun Ni, Program Chair

International Multi-Symposiums of Computer and Computational Sciences Conference (IMSCCS)
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