International Multi-Symposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences 2008 (IMSCCS|08)

This Year's Conference Theme:

October 18, 2008

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Medical School, Shanghai, China
227 Chongqing Nan Rd, Shanghai, 200025, China

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IMSCCS08 Preliminary Technical Program

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IMSCCS08 Conference Proceeding Paper List

Evolutionary conservation and interacting preference for identifying Protein-DNA interactions
Yao-Lin Chang, I-Hsin Liu, Cheng-Yan Kao, Jinn-Moon Yang
Paper 41

Addressing Bio-sequence and Bio-structure Problems
Xiuzhen Huang
Paper 61

Embedded Gene Selection for Imbalanced Microarray Data Analysis
Guo-Zheng Li, Hao-Hua Meng, Jun Ni
Paper 63

Using Rough Reducts Based SVM Ensemble for SAR of the Ethofenprox Analogous of Pesticide
Yue Liu, Zaixia Teng, Yafeng Yin, and Guo-Zheng Li
Paper 84

A Relational Approach for Pathway Analysis
Cody Ashby, Xiuzhen Huang, Jeff Jenness, Joseph Kerby
Paper 62

Improving Microarray Sample Size Using Bootstrap Data Combination
John H. Phan, Richard A. Moffitt, Andrea B. Barrett, and May D. Wang
Paper 79

Incremental Tumor Diagnosis Algorithm using New Unlabeled Microarray
Hualong Yu, Guochang Gu, Haibo Liu, Jing Shen, Changming Zhu, Jun Ni
Paper 14

Effective Shape Measures in Malignant Risk Assessment for Breast Tumor on Sonography
Wei Yang, Su Zhang, Yazhu Chen, Yaqing Chen, Wenying Li, Hongtao Lu
Paper 56

IMSCCS08 -- Symposium of Wireless, Mobile, and Sensor Technology (WMST|08)

A Flooding Strategy for Data Delivery in Mobile Sensor Networks
Ick-Soo Lee, Byunghwa Lee, Honggil Lee, Kijun Han
Paper 7

Load Balancing for Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Minho Choi, Junhyung Kim, Sooyeol Yang, Namkoo Ha, and Kijun Han
Paper 48

E-NORS: A Repair Scheme for Energy-efficient Network Organization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Xia Ming, Dong Yabo, Lu Dongming
Paper 9

A Redundant Multipath Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Yang He, Juhua Pu and Zhang Xiong
Paper 11

Self-healing Key Distribution with Revocation and Collusion Resistance for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ting Yuan Jianqing Ma Yiping Zhong Shiyong Zhang
Paper 17

WiiKey: An Innovative Smartphone Based Wi-Fi Application
Nguyen Vo, Hao Shi and Jakub Szajman
Paper 78

Modified Improved Alternating Combination Trilateration Algorithm with a Variable m
ShaobinCai , Li Xi,  Zhenguo Gao,  Nianmin Yao and  Ying Tian
Paper 3

An Efficient Power and Coverage Algorithm in WSNs
Jin Zhang, Daxin Liu, Yuezhu Xu
Paper 12

Developing Slow Start over Wireless Networks
Yuhua Liu, Hao Huang, Kaihua Xu, Chun Yang
Paper 37

The Path Recovery Method for Wireless Mesh Networks
Keuchul Cho, Jeongbae Yun, Youngmi Baek, Kihyun Kim, Kijun Han
Paper 51

IMSCCS08 -- Data, Signal, and Image Processing (DSIP|08)

Short-wave Aviation Communication Signal Analysis and Aircraft Classification
Liu Feng, Li Xueyao, Liang Zhilan
Paper 27

Panchromatic and Multi-Spectral Image Fusion Using WPT
Lin Kezheng, Li Hui
Paper 70


Symposium of Networks and Network Security (NSNS|07)

Behavior-based Worm Detection and Signature Generation
Yu Yao, Junwei Lv, Fuxiang Gao, Yanfang Zhang, Ge Yu
Paper 43

A DDoS-Oriented Distributed Defense Framework Based on Edge Router Feedbacks in Autonomous Systems
Dear Authors, Xiaoming Bi, Wenan Tan, Ruohui Xiao
Paper 15

A Channel switching scheme for avoiding interference of between IEEE 802.15.4 and other networks
Jangkyu Yun, Byeongjik Lee, Jilong Li and Kijun Han
Paper 35

A NoC-Based High Performance Deadlock Avoidance Routing Algorithm
Zhaohui Song, Guangsheng Ma, Dalei Song
Paper 77

Credit Risk Assessment Model Based On Domain Knowledge Constraint
Jingping Chen, Haiwei Pan, Qilong Han, Linghu Chen, Jun Ni
Paper 42


IMSCCS08 -- Symposium of Algorithms, Numerical Methods, Simulations, Computations (ANSC|08)

Topic-Sensitive Link-Ranking Approach for Academic Expert Recruiting
Hao Wu, Hao Li, Xuejie Zhang, Shaowen Yao
Paper 22

Hierarchical star: an optimal NoC topology for High-Performance SoC Design
Zhaohui Song, Guangsheng Ma, Dalei Song
Paper 33

Digital Watermarking Synchronization Algorithm of MPEG-4 Video
Lin Kezheng, Yang Wei, Fan Bo
Paper 71

A Concurrency Control Algorithm Access to Temporal Data in Real-time Database Systems 
Qilong Han, Haiwei Pan, Guisheng Yin
Paper 44

Improved Contour-Based Object Detection and Segmentation
Lin Kezheng, Li Xinyuan
Paper 76

Direct Orthogonal Discriminant Analysis
Yu’e Lin, Guochang Gu, Haibo Liu, Jing Shen
Paper 13

A Fast Spectral Method to Solve Document Cluster Ensemble Problem
Sen Xu, Zhimao Lu, Guochang Gu
Paper 24

Process Algebra-Based Description for Software Requirement
Haomin Zhan, Guisheng Yin, Changsong Sun, Linshan Shen, Jun Ni
Paper 85


IMSCCS08 -- Symposium of Databases and Data Management System (DDMS|08)

SimChemDB: A Database Management System for Facilitating Data Management in Computational Chemistry
Huarong Sun, Ruisheng Zhang, Kai Pan, Liangying Luo, Shilin Chen
Paper 16

Data-Structure-Model for Data Integration in Distributed Systems
Zhe Zhang, Min Song, Daxin Liu, Zhengxian Wei, Hongbin Wang, Jun Ni
Paper 69

HDW: A High Performance Large Scale Data Warehouse
Jinguo You, Jianqing Xi, Chuan Zhang, Gengqi Guo
Paper 60

An Implementation of Substructure Search in Chemical DataBase Management System
Kai Pan, Ruisheng Zhang, Huarong Sun, Liangying Luo
Paper 23

IMSCCS08 -- Symposium of Semantics, Semantic Web, and Standards (SSWS|08)

A Method for Measuring Semantic Similarity of Concepts in the Same Ontology
Xiang-hua Xu, Jia-lai Huang, Jian Wan, Cong-feng Jiang
Paper 47

Spatial Description Logic and Its Application in Geospatial Semantic Web
Sheng-sheng Wang, Da-you Liu
Paper 6

An Ontology Supported Semantic Web Service composition Method in Enterprise Application Integration
Kangkang Zhang, Ruzhi Xu, Yan Zhang, Ying Sai, Xiaobin Wang
Paper 38

Maximising Computer Science Student Career Opportunity through ICT Industry Placements
Hao Shi
Paper 82